One Real Estate Investment

Aims to achieve excellence across each component of the investment cycle:



Ability to secure transactions at competitive pricing, catapulted by aggressive terms backed by our own proprietary capital.


Property Management

OREI partners with national property management firms that have an exceptionally strong local and regional presence and experience in each of our target markets, further assuring timely and successful value-add implementation and streamlined ongoing operations.


Investor Relations

OREI’s communicative team has a foundation built on ethics and transparency. We utilize institutional best practice reporting methods augmented by software such as Investment Management Services (IMS) to allow for convenient, online investor access for up to date tracking of portfolio performance and distributions. 



OREI has quality debt relationships to assure competitive and compelling financing terms to minimize risk and optimize returns.


Asset Management

Ongoing asset management with a team dedicated to each asset. Our asset managers maintain consistent communication with property managers via weekly update calls, close professional relationships, and frequent site visits to ensure the onsite management team is engaged and meeting budgets, deadlines and objectives of the investment. 



Our collaborative disposition analysis involves assessing timing of investment exits, recapitalization and refinancing potential. Strategic industry partners and broker relationships to continually assess and time the sales process to achieve maximum investor value.



Consistent deal flow provides OREI’s investors the opportunity to recycle capital tax efficiently via 1031 exchanges. Nearly all of OREI’s capital partners have reinvested with the firm, deferring taxes and growing their equity investment.